Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Middle Bass Marina Gets Dug In

Long workweeks and great weather resulted in great progress on the new State of Ohio marina project on Middle Bass Island. As much as 11,000 gallons of diesel fuel were used in just one week to keep all of the equipment running. That's as many as two of the tanker trucks pictured each week.

The goal is to have water in the marina basin before November of this year. We'll keep you informed of progress on the possibly the largest marina project being constructed on the Great Lakes.

Volleyball/Cornhole weekend at St. Hazards

The most successful August volleyball weekend at St. Hazards took place between August 22-24th.
More teams played than last year and for the first time a Cornhole Tournament was added. There were parties Friday and the famous Hazards Pool Party on Saturday.

Jonah Koslen, formerly of CLeveland's Michael Stanley Band, provided much of the entertainment and is a regular at Hazards.

The next tournament is scheduled for June. It's one event you do not want to miss.

St. Hazards Condo Moon

Not a sunset, but a moon rise!

This photo was taken a few days ago from the third floor of the St. Hazards condo building. During the summer months, the moon is often rising right in front of the building. The moonshine lasts for hours as the moon slowly moves over the building.

All of the condos have direct waterfront views like this that make for some of the best lake views you will ever find. The third floor is the tallest place you can stay on the islands and the condo building is the closest structure built to the lake that you can stay in. A very remarkable place.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Middle Bass Marina Fully Underway

The State of Ohio Marina project on Middle Bass Island is probably the largest single project in the past 50 years on the U.S. Erie Islands.

After spending about $10 million to acquire the land for the new state park, more than $12 million is being spent on the first part of the marina project. Eventually there will be more than 300 boat slips and a free boat launching ramp for visitors.

The first phase of the marina, which is directly next to St. Hazards, is planned to open next year.
These photos show the excavation that will result in about 10 feet of water to accommodate all kinds of power and sail boats.

For now, anchoring in front of the St. Hazards condos and beach is permitted. It's a short walk to Hazards from the beach.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday Pool Party

There's live entertainment every Saturday at Hazards. And every Saturday afternoon during the season there's a Pool Party. Here's a few scenes from the Island Fun on August 2nd. Ohio's best Tiki Bar, a pool, live island music, good food and new friends are what we call Island Fun.

Saturday Cornhole Tournament at Hazards

Every Saturday at 1:30 Hazards sponsors a Cornhole Tournament that free to enter. The winners get $50 in prizes and T-Shirts go to the second place finishers. It's always great fun because the Pool Party with live music is going on at the same time. This week's winners celebrate with Hazard's famous Island Cooler Bucket.