Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fishing Limits to Remain the Same for Lake Erie

The Lake Erie walleye and perch population remained strong enough so that no changes were made in the daily fish catch limit.

The daily limit for walleye will remain at 6 from May 1 until February. Until April 30th the limit is 4 per day.

For yellow perch, the limit is 30 per day all year.

Pictured is Ballast Island as seen from the St. Hazards condos. During the spring and summer season many fishermen try their skills to the southeast of this island.

Free boat launching is available at the state marina on Middle Bass starting in April and docking will start May 1st.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hazards inspiration is LeSelect in St. Barths

Here's a panoramic view of the outside of the St. Barths bar that inspired the creation of Hazards. It's called LeSelect and it opened in 1949. Seated at the far right is Marius who started it all and will be 88 this June. Marius visited St. Hazards in 2006 and gave us his seal of approval.
There's lots of St. Hazards stuff at LeSelect and lots of LeSelect stuff at Hazards.
It would be great to see them both.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Landing on a small island

Here are a few short videos taken recently by St. Hazards owner Ed in St. Barths showing some landings and take-offs of planes from their very small airport. The runway is only 2,133 ft. long and is considered to be the third most dangerous commercial airport in the world.
The Middle Bass Island airport is shorter at 1,852 ft., but does not have a mountain on one end.
St. Hazards was inspired by St. Barths and many of our ideas come from there.

Landing in St. Barths

Beach landing in St. Barths

Mountain landing in St. Barths