Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coral Reefer Band members Peter Mayer & Jim Mayor play in St. Barths

Coral Reefer Band members Peter Mayer and Jim Mayer stopped in to play a few songs at the BAZ bar in St. Barths. Jimmy Buffett and the band had just put on a great show to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of LeSelect. Thanks for lots of great music.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

How Does Jimmy Buffett Leave a Concert?

In St. Barths, Jimmy leaves the show he just put on by boat. With the band, of course. The boat was waiting right next to stage on the harbor in Gustavia.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jimmy Buffett Concert Photos

Here are more photos from the St. Barths concert Jimmy put on for our friends 60th anniversary celebration.

Jimmy Buffett videos from St. Barths

Here are a few videos that St. Hazards owner Ed took of Jimmy in St. Barths for the LeSelect 60th anniversary celebration. One ends early because the memory card filled up. Several thousand photos were taken over a three week period. More photos to come.

Marius introduces Jimmy Buffett at the St. Barts concert

Jimmy Buffett in St. Barts giving us Ceeseburger in Paradise

Jimmy Buffett concert in St. Barts for the LeSelect 60th Anniversary

Jimmy Buffett in St. Barts to celebrate LeSelect's 60th anniversary

Jimmy Buffett at BAZ bar in St. Barts for LeSelect's 60th Anniversary

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jimmy Buffett at Le Select on Sunday

The owner of Le Select in St. Barths, Marius Stakelborough, finished his three day celebration of his 60th anniversary in grand style on Sunday. His good friend Jimmy Buffett stopped by to shoot the champagne cork at a bee that hangs over the bar - a very long tradition at Le Select.
A nice friend took a picture of me next to Marius and Jimmy in the background.
Back in February Marius was very kind to let me hang the St. Hazards flag at Le Select. And here's a great photo of Jimmy near the flag.
Jimmy was most graciuos and spent lots of time with his fans. We all thank him for that.
Amazingly, Marius is now 86 yrs. old and partied for the three days with extra high energy.
More photos to come from this great weekend.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jimmy Buffett Show in St. Barths

The big Jimmy Buffett show with the Coral Reefer Band to celebrate the 60th anniversary of LeSelect went on yesterday, Saturday, onthe harbor. My very good friend Marius, the one who started LeSelect 60 years ago granted me access to take some fantastic photos of this concert. Too many to post all at once, but here are a few to get started.
Jimmy put on a two hour concert that had all of the favorites and some new songs. And all for his friend Marius.
More to come.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jimmy Buffett at the St. Barths party for LeSelect

Our very good friend Marius Stakelborough and his extended family are celebrating the 60th anniversary of starting his very special bar & cheeseburger place this weekend. It's called LeSelect and St. Hazards builder Ed is there for the party. St. Hazards was inspired by LeSelect and St. Barths.
One of Marius' good friends is Jimmy Buffett. He and the Coral Reefer Band will be putting on a free concert for Marius this Saturday. Here are a few photos from a surprise visit to the BAZ bar in St. Barths on Thursday that Ed was at.
Jimmy Buffett is very generous with his time to meet his fans and is one of the locals on St. Barth. He has lived here on and off for many years.
More photos to come.
A video of a few songs will also be posted.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Islander Party at Hazards

Hazards Microbrewery had its' annual end of season party for the islanders this past weekend and there was a record turn out. Carrie Schneider was Hazards first celebrity bartender and handled the crowd well. We hope she's back next season.
Martin, Linda and neighbors cooked up almost two dozen pizzas and baskets of appetizers.
Thanks to all for a great party and summer this year.

World's Biggest Pumpkin - On Middle Bass

Tne biggest pumpkin ever grown on Middle Bass Island was on display this past weekend. It came in at 484 lbs and was grown by Carrie Schneider. Possible plans for it include carving it out and making it into a summer rental.

Jimmy Buffett to celebrate our friend's 60th anniversary in St. Barths.

Back in 1949, 60 years ago, our goof friend Marius Stakelborough started a small bar in St. Barths called LeSelect. It's become one of the most popular and well-known bars in the Caribbean. Marius has also become good friends with us at St. Hazards and even made the 2,000 mile journey to visit in 2006.

The big party to celebrate the 60th will be Nov. 6, 7 and 8th. Jimmy Bufett and Marius also have become good friends since Jimmy lived on St. Barths many years ago. He's even bringing his entire Coral Reefer Band to put on a free concert as part of the party. Here's the first look at the poster for this concert plus a few photos of LeSelect. The photo of Jimmy was taken at one of the beaches on St. Barths. You can see the St. Hazards flag on the inside view of LeSelect.

We hope to post photos from the big party in November.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunrise at St. Hazards

This photo was taken looking towards Ballast Island from the St. Hazards condos. All of the condos have a balcony that faces the water, so all have this same view.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

St. Barths' LeSelect Celebrates 60th anniversarry

Back in 1949, Marius Stackelborough started the first real business on St. Barths and called it LeSelect.

LeSelect was a a bar, restaurant, bookstore, music shop and the gathering place on this small island about 1,000 miles southeast of Miami.

The King of Sweden, the Rockefeller family, Jimmy Buffett and thousands of others all have spent quality time at this unique Caribbean hangout.

And back in 1995, the developer of St. Hazards stopped by and was forever changed by this very special place. So much so that St. Hazards was created and inspired by what Marius created.

One of our greatest moments was when Marius made a special visit to St. Hazards in 2006.
Pictured here are four special friends that developer Ed (in the middle with Jeff and Kitty on the left and Bridget and John on the right) met in St. Barths and have made several visits since then to Middle Bass Island.

A big party for the 60th is expected in early November with Jimmy Buffett present. We hope to have some good pictures from that party.

Middle Bass Volleyball and Cornhole Tournament

St. Hazards was host to another volleyball tournament this year. This one also had a cornhole competition and was held on the St. Hazards lakefront property. Plans are underway for another tournament next June and August, so keep checking in for details. These events are always more than good volleyball, but also about great Island Fun.

200 ft. Yacht at Middle Bass Island

One of the largest yachts to visit the U.S. Erie Islands was off the coast of Middle Bass Island recently. The yacht, which is almost 200 ft. long, is registered in the Cayman Islands (in the Caribbean south of Cuba) is shown here by Middle Bass Island and near Put-in-Bay.
The Middle Bass marina is open to all boaters who are on a budget because daily rates are only $15 and overnight rates are $1.25 per foot.
Call 419-285-6121 and the Hazards shuttle will get you from the marina to Hazards for $1.