Tuesday, October 26, 2010

St. Hazards to St. Barths

St. Barths is the inspiration for St. hazards and is about 2,000 miles away in the Caribbean. The writer of this blog is back in St. Barths and was lucky to shoot a video of the landing at the St. Barths airport. The airstrip in St. Barths is about as long as the one on Middle Bass, about 1,600 ft. But, the one in St. Barths has a mountain one one side and a beach on the other. Check out this link for the landing video:


Pictures is the plane that made this landing - a Cessna Caravan.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Middle Bass Great Pumpkins

These are the largest pumpkins grown on Middle Bass this year. One is about 255 lbs. Carrie Schneider is the proud mother of the 2010 crop.

New Sonny S Dock and Shelter Underway

Visitors next season will enjoy a new Sonny S dock and a modern structure for shelter. We're told that federal stimulus money made this "break wall ready" project possible. The new dock is in the same location as before, just bigger and better.

Middle Bass Yacht Club Building Under Way

The Middle Bass Island Yacht Club, with over 700 members, will have their new club house ready for next year. It's located at the southeast corner of the state marina at the end of their docks. We were told that the Middle Bass Island Yacht Club has more members than any other yacht club in Ohio.

Marina restrooms a Go

The new state park marina restroom arrived in 4 pieces and all were quickly installed on their large foundation. Next a deck will wrap around it all. This restroom is on the southeast corner of the marina.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hazards Party for Islanders

A many year tradition continued on October 9th with a special party for all of our friends on Middle Bass Island. Special thanks to Linda and Carrie for planning everything and being our guest bartenders for the night. The food the guys cooked up was extra special because they combined all kinds of items in new ways. Now Hazards has new ideas for the 2011 menu.

Thanks to our Middle Bass Island friends for a great year!