Monday, June 27, 2011

Mediterranean Plants on Middle Bass Island

Taken Memorial Day Weekend
Arundo donax is a fast-growing perennial cane we have here at St. Hazards.

These pictures, taken by owner Ed, show just how fast Arundo donax grows. The first picture was taken Memorial Day Weekend and the second two weeks later.
Taken Two Weeks Later
Also referred to as Giant Cane, the Arundo donax is from the Mediterranean. It's one of the many tropical plants growing at St. Hazards throughout the summer.

The variety of tropical plants adds to the natural beauty of Middle Bass Island, and helps to create a unique island atmosphere you won't find anywhere else.

Middle Bass Island Softball

The Middle Bass Island Dockers split in their last two games.

Their record is now 3-3 for the season.

Middle Bass lost 14-5 to Blue Marlin Bar and Grille on a wet Wednesday on Put-in-Bay.

The following Sunday on Middle Bass Island, the Dockers defeated The Crew's Nest 6-1.

The Dockers look to rise above .500 tonight at 7:30 pm at Middle Bass field.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Middle Bass Island Volleyball Weekend 2011

What's more fun than a day long tournament of island volleyball on a perfect sunny day in June?

The following celebration!

As you can tell, these volleyball players sure knew how to make the best of an early summer weekend. A big thanks goes out to Volleyball Associates and to the players who participated in the 11th annual Middle Bass Island Open and its ensuing festivities.

The Tournament

The tournament began 11:00 am and lasted until 7:00 pm. The entire day was gorgeous and filled with sunshine... A perfect day! Minus the sunburn. Please check out this year's winners and coverage of the tournament here:

The Party

This year's party was especially memorable. Pulp Groove played at the Tiki Bar. The three-piece acoustic cover band from Delaware County, Pennsylvania got the dance floor moving with their seemingly endless list of hits. It was their second year at St. Hazards and we hope to see them again next year. Their official site can be accessed here:

Volleyball Weekend is one of our favorites at St. Hazards. It's an event that always brings the finest people together on Middle Bass Island. Where celebration and sport combine for one of the best summer parties of the year! We look forward to continuing the island tradition next year for the 12th Annual Middle Bass Island Open!

Middle Bass Island Softball 2011

The Middle Bass Island softball team is off to a solid start this year. Through four games the Dockers are 2-2. And they are only one win away from tying last year's win total. Coached and managed by Eddie Sheller and Art Wolf, the Dockers are looking like a sleeper team with play-off potential.

Here is a quick recap of the four games played so far:

Game 1 at Put-in-Bay

Middle Bass vs The Roundhouse Bar
In the season opener at Put-in-Bay, the Dockers unleashed their bats for a total of 20 runs. The three youngest players set the offensive tone as they each had multiple hits. Art Wolf's pitching, combined with strong defensive play, resulted in a big first win for the Dockers.

Middle Bass: 20 The Roundhouse Bar: 9

Game 2 at Middle Bass

Middle Bass vs Blue Marlin Bar and Grille
In the second game of the season the Dockers faced a favored Blue Marlin's squad. Despite the roaring support of Middle Bass Island's amazing fans, the Dockers couldn't put it together and were crushed by 14 runs.

The highlight of the game was when the Blue Marlins pinch hit their bat boy in the 7th inning. Art Wolf handled a hard hit ground ball and faked the throw to first base allowing the bat boy to reach first safely. The crowd on both sides cheered. It was the bat boy's proudest moment--a base hit in an adult league game. And as one fan said about the sportsmanship, "The way it was done might be the best of its kind I've ever seen in any sport."

Middle Bass: 4 Blue Marlin: 18

Game 3 at Middle Bass

Middle Bass vs Beer Barrel Saloon
In this hard-fought game both teams scored inning after inning. But with big hits like Rod Lawrence's two-out, 2 RBI double in the 5th inning, and solid pitching and defense, the Dockers held on. They allowed no runs to cross the plate in the 7th inning and captured the win.

Middle Bass: 10 Beer Barrel Saloon: 8

Game 4 at Middle Bass

Middle Bass vs Heineman's Winery
Although Art Wolf and the defense held Heineman's Winery to only four runs, the Dockers failed to produce at the plate. They left the bases loaded twice. Controversial calls by the umpires about allegedly thrown bats ignited the home crowd into an uproar. But even they could not sway the momentum of the game against one of the league's best defensive teams.

Middle Bass: 2 Heineman's Winery: 4
The Dockers will play Blue Marlin Bar and Grille Wednesday, June 22 at Put-in-Bay. Please join us at the game and support your Middle Bass team! And feel free to join us at St. Hazards after the game!