Monday, June 20, 2011

Middle Bass Island Volleyball Weekend 2011

What's more fun than a day long tournament of island volleyball on a perfect sunny day in June?

The following celebration!

As you can tell, these volleyball players sure knew how to make the best of an early summer weekend. A big thanks goes out to Volleyball Associates and to the players who participated in the 11th annual Middle Bass Island Open and its ensuing festivities.

The Tournament

The tournament began 11:00 am and lasted until 7:00 pm. The entire day was gorgeous and filled with sunshine... A perfect day! Minus the sunburn. Please check out this year's winners and coverage of the tournament here:

The Party

This year's party was especially memorable. Pulp Groove played at the Tiki Bar. The three-piece acoustic cover band from Delaware County, Pennsylvania got the dance floor moving with their seemingly endless list of hits. It was their second year at St. Hazards and we hope to see them again next year. Their official site can be accessed here:

Volleyball Weekend is one of our favorites at St. Hazards. It's an event that always brings the finest people together on Middle Bass Island. Where celebration and sport combine for one of the best summer parties of the year! We look forward to continuing the island tradition next year for the 12th Annual Middle Bass Island Open!

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