Monday, April 26, 2010

Veteran Crew Members Return

Amy and Liz returned last weekend to help organize the Hazards bar. Both will help with bar tending and wait staff service this season.

Say hello when you see them at Hazards. A May 7th opening is planned.

New wi-fi System Under Construction at St. Hazards

A $300,000 investment is now being made to create a new wi-fi internet system with other communication services at St. Hazards. It's expected to be working by the end of May and will provide good internet connections throughout St. Hazards.

Guests who rent directly from St. Hazards will have free access. A daily fee will apply for others.

Middle Bass Island does not have DSL or cable internet connections right now. This will finally bring high quality internet service to the island.

Pictured is the foundation for the tower that will have almost 70 cubic yards of concrete. This tower will connect to another tower in Port Clinton.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Norm! (from Cheers)

Hazards owner Ed met George Wendt who played Norm on Cheers in Chicago last weekend. George asked a lot of questions about St. Hazards and wrote "Can't wait to come!" He has a standing invitation to visit.
Chicago was the location of the annual Brewers Association Craft Beer show and awards. Hazards is the only operating microbrewery on Middle Bass Island that actually makes beer on-site. We are planning beer improvements for this season, so that's why Hazards joined the Brewers Association.
More on the beer front soon.