Thursday, November 25, 2010

Middle Bass Island Updates

Lots of progress on Middle Bass Island this fall.

But, through it all the palm trees still stand. The photo of the palm trees on the beach was taken last weekend. All of the smaller ones (14 ft. or less) were moved to a greenhouse for a relaxing winter. The 24 ft. ones on the beach were too big too store.

The marina bath house is almost finished and will be ready for next season.

Just to the east is the new Middle Bass Island Yacht Club building

And the new building at the Sonny S dock is almost complete. It will offer complete protection for travelers in all weather.

Finally, the last photo is of the sunrise as seen from the St. Hazards condos last weekend. The fall weather is always great on Middle Bass Island.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hazards at St. Barths' LeSelect

Hazards owner Ed is pictured next to the Hazards sticker at the order window of LeSelect and with owner Marius. The other 2 photos are of the inside and outside of LeSelect.

LeSelect was started 61 years ago and inspired Hazards.

St. Barths Friends Visit St. Hazards

We have made many great friends in St. Barths and some have been able to visit St. Hazards.

In the bottom photo is LeSelect owner Marius with Jeff from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Marius' son Eddy and Tom and Joyce from the Detroit area. All but Eddy have visited St. Hazards.

The middle picture has our good friends Jim and Dianne from Pittsburgh. The were at St. Hazards their second time this summer.

Tom and Joyce from the Detroit area are in the top photo with Marius. They chartered a sailboat from Sandusky to make their second visit to St. Hazards this summer.

St. Barths inspires St. Hazards, so it's great to have visitors to both.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

St. Hazards Helps Celebrate the 61st Anniversary of LeSelect in St. Barths

Sixty-one years ago Marius Stakelborough started the first bar/restaurant/library/rental place and anything else you need in St. Barths.
On Nov. 11th, St. Hazards owner Ed was there to help celebrate. Pictured is Ed and Marius. The other photo is of long time LeSelect bar tender Francis next to the Hazards sticker on the order window.
Marius visited St. Hazards in 2006 and is now 87 yrs. old. Many of his friends met in St. Barths also have made it to Hazards over the years. And LeSelect is the inspiration for Hazards.