Monday, March 30, 2009

First Scheduled Miller Ferry of 2009 arrives

Friday March 27th marked the first scheduled arrival of the Miller Ferry to Middle Bass Island. The first crew members of St. Hazards also arrived to start the long spring cleaning process that will take more than a month. Next week work on the new marina will also resume. It's still scheduled to open by June.

Also seen on Friday was Captain Stan's school boat (the white one in the photo) going to Put-in-Bay to pick up the kids from school and a barge working for Ohio Edison to make improvements to the electric service. Middle Bass Island gets its' electricity by an underwater cable from Put-in-Bay.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Hazards Flag Flown in St. Barths

Back in 1997 the inspiration for St. Hazards came from a visit to St. Barths in the Caribbean.

St. Barths is near St. Martin and about 2,000 miles south east of Middle Bass.
A small bar there called LeSelect was the specific model that the atmosphere of Hazards has followed.

Ed, the guy who built St. Hazards, has returned to St. Barths about 20 times since then to visit his special friend Marius Stakelborough and many others who are drawn to this special place. Marius is now 85 years old and will celebrate his 60th anniversary of starting LeSelect this Novemebr. He's in the picture with Ed and his son Gary, who now runs the place.

We are very proud to have our St. Hazards flag fly in one of the oldest and most authentic (and friendly) places in all of the Caribbean.

And best of all, Marius came to visit St. Hazards back in 2006. He gave us his seal of approval.

WHen you visit Hazards, you will see lots of photos and other items from St. Barths and LeSelect. Including pictures of Marius' friend, Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy is expected to be at the LeSelect 60th anniversary party in Novemeber.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Middle Bass Marina Seasonal Docks are Available

About half of the seasonal docks at the new State of Ohio marina have been reserved. There are still more than 30 left to lease by the season. The rates are posted in a previous post, so scroll down to get that info.
For more information on seasonal docks, call the marina office at 419-797-4530.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Middle Bass Marina Update

Here's the latest information that the State Park has released regarding the new Middle Bass Marina.

* Lottery: An Update for those that have been following this
We had 35 applications received by the deadline of February 25,
2009, 5:00PM at the Catawba State Park Office. We have a total of 70
slips that were set aside for the seasonal dock lottery.
The drawing will be conducted at the Catawba State Park office
on March 5, 2009, 6:00 PM

* Spring 2009 Construction Plans:
It is hoped that by the end of March we will again be on the
island with construction continuing.

* Construction on the Water Tower and lines will continue

* The Electric infrastructure will be built out.

* New Roadways will be further planned and temporary roads will be

* There are to be some finishing touches to the marina basin,
including 2 pipe piles and some rock in the channel to be cleared out.

* Docks are currently scheduled to be completed for public use the
beginning of June.