Friday, November 6, 2009

Jimmy Buffett at the St. Barths party for LeSelect

Our very good friend Marius Stakelborough and his extended family are celebrating the 60th anniversary of starting his very special bar & cheeseburger place this weekend. It's called LeSelect and St. Hazards builder Ed is there for the party. St. Hazards was inspired by LeSelect and St. Barths.
One of Marius' good friends is Jimmy Buffett. He and the Coral Reefer Band will be putting on a free concert for Marius this Saturday. Here are a few photos from a surprise visit to the BAZ bar in St. Barths on Thursday that Ed was at.
Jimmy Buffett is very generous with his time to meet his fans and is one of the locals on St. Barth. He has lived here on and off for many years.
More photos to come.
A video of a few songs will also be posted.

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