Wednesday, August 26, 2009

St. Barths' LeSelect Celebrates 60th anniversarry

Back in 1949, Marius Stackelborough started the first real business on St. Barths and called it LeSelect.

LeSelect was a a bar, restaurant, bookstore, music shop and the gathering place on this small island about 1,000 miles southeast of Miami.

The King of Sweden, the Rockefeller family, Jimmy Buffett and thousands of others all have spent quality time at this unique Caribbean hangout.

And back in 1995, the developer of St. Hazards stopped by and was forever changed by this very special place. So much so that St. Hazards was created and inspired by what Marius created.

One of our greatest moments was when Marius made a special visit to St. Hazards in 2006.
Pictured here are four special friends that developer Ed (in the middle with Jeff and Kitty on the left and Bridget and John on the right) met in St. Barths and have made several visits since then to Middle Bass Island.

A big party for the 60th is expected in early November with Jimmy Buffett present. We hope to have some good pictures from that party.

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