Thursday, June 26, 2008

Middle Bass Island Tropical Garden

Our tropical garden is back. Almost 100 palm trees were brought in and our exotic greenery has been growing real fast. At Hazards we have added many new sea food and other tasty menu items for really good meals all day long. Our volleyball tournament two weeks ago was our largest ever and plans are underway for another one in August. Check out our web site entertainment schedule for more details.

We still have a few condos, villas, cabins and campsites for many of the summer weekends, so it's not too late to make your reservation.

The Fourth of July will be our biggest weekend of the summer and the Miller Boat Line has added extra service to the island to get everyone here. Call 800-837-5211 to make your reservation at St. Hazards.

We have had problems with our satellite internet connection over the past several weeks, so updates have been slow. The problem will be corrected this weekend and more news will be coming soon. Thanks for visiting our site.

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