Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marina Cement Work Begins

The cement work to put in the 30 ft. wide boat launching ramp is well underway and will be finished this month. This ramp will be wide enough to launch two boats at a time and is designed to be usable at all lake levels. It's anticipated that there will be no charge to use the ramp.

The depth of the marina can be appreciated when you see how much below ground level the equipment is.

Sidewalks that seem to go on for a half mile or more are also now being installed to the docks and Lake Erie break wall. The pilings for the floating docks will also be in place this month.

Most of the excavation work for the marina is complete and it is anticipated that the basin will be filled within three weeks. The floating docks will not be installed until next year.

The State of Ohio has still not released a construction schedule or completion date. Dock rates have also not been released. We are not sure of the official name or phone number for reservations.

Our guess is that the marina will open next spring without the electric and water utilities installed.

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