Friday, February 18, 2011

Friends of Hazards in St. Barths

Today Marius Stakelborough was seen wearing his Hazards cap at his bar in St. Barths called LeSelect.

Marius started LeSelect more than 61 years ago and has had everyone from the king of Sweden to David Rockefeller to Jimmy Buffett come by to chat. Jimmy liked it so much he lets them use Cheeseburger in Paradise for the name of the snack bar.

The top photo shows the St. Barths town of Gustavia. LeSelect would be in the top left area of the photo. This was taken by Hazards owner Ed on Feb. 11 as the plane was approaching the airport.

St. Barths is about 1,000 miles southeast of Miami. Lots of friends from St. Barths have visited St. Hazards over the years.

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