Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July at St. Hazards 2011

Scott Wright Jams Poolside
Over 4th of July weekend, Middle Bass Island had an exceptional crowd. We enjoyed having so many people join us over the holiday weekend!

Visitors came from all over. From Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even from Georgia. They spent the holiday weekend relaxing poolside and lounging by tropical plants in the shade near the Tiki Bar.

An island rhythm reggae band, Island Flava, played in between the Tiki Bar and the pool. It was the band's third year at St. Hazards and we look forward to having them back again. Scott Wright, was his usual rocking self and kept the party going strong.

Another popular weekend spot was the Saints and $inners Beach Bar. The beach offers amazing views. At our beach you can see Ballast Island, Lost Ballast, Put-in-Bay and Kelley's Island. You can watch the waves roll in and the various boats that zip or sail across the lake.

St. Hazards Beach
There aren't too many islands you can visit north of the Florida Keys. Middle Bass Island provides a quiet island setting that springs to life every weekend. And holiday weekends are always the best. Especially when there are fireworks over the lake!

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