Monday, August 29, 2011

St. Hazards Employee Party

The St. Hazards employee party brought together 19 people from six countries: Bulgaria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Macedonia, Moldova and The United States.  
The party started at 9:00 pm with a toast to Hazards followed by a candlelit dinner. Head cook, Nelly, made all sorts of good food including pizza, cheesy mashed potatoes, barbecue meatballs, fresh bread and even a cake!
After the meal, the bartenders made special drinks from their countries for everyone to try. The rest of the night was spent talking, dancing, shooting pool, and reminiscing about the summer. A great time was had by all...

What a shame that summer has to end.

Ozan, Iana and Greg

A Toast to St. Hazards

Ed and Nelly

Cornelius and Georgi

Viki in her hammock

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