Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Over 20 Palm Trees Leave Middle Bass Island

At St. Hazards, all of the queen palm trees, bananas, elephant ears and fully bloomed hibiscuses have been dug out and taken off of Middle Bass Island by Justin and Tom of Ott's Nursery. A total of 37 plants.

Justin Wheels Out a Banana

Tom and Marc Dig Out a Big Banana by Hazards Pond

Palm Trees Heading To Greenhouse
The plants will spend the winter in a warm greenhouse until next summer where they will be replanted at Hazards in May. Justin and Tom said that the plants grew well on Middle Bass Island this summer and that they will only get bigger and greener in the years to come. Our banana plant is about 6ft tall right now--eventually it can grow up to 15 ft!

We look forward to having the plants back again next summer. Until then, it's good to know that Justin and Tom will be looking after them.

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