Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here's the latest information from the State of Ohio regarding the marina construction schedule. It seems that docking will be available by June 1, 2009, but electric and water connections will not be completed until later in the summer.

The picture to the right is of the moon rising as seen from the St. Hazards condos this past summer. This is the same view you would see at the new marina entrance. Our moon offers spectacular views like this throughout the summer.

Marina Basin:

* The marina basin has been re-watered as of this past November, 2008.

* Major "in-water" work within the basin is completed with the exception of dock installation and vegetative bed shallow plantings.

* There is to be some final bottom depth grading at the entrance area.

Access Roads & Parking Spring 2009:

* Roadways will be established this spring, 2009.

* The New Ramp is usable now, but remains closed until after the improvements can be finished. The current road access will be refined further, along with the designated parking area. Both these will be usable as soon as the area is established.

* Temporary Electric - Safety Lighting.

* A more permanent road along with electric, water & sewer is to be established along the south side of the marina basin later this summer

Water Sewer & Electric:

* The water & sewer lines will be trenched in coming from the Burgundy Bay Association property this summer.

* Permanent electric lines will be trenched in during the summer.

* The elevated water tank, which was started this past fall will be finished this spring.

* This summer, 2009, our restroom facilities will consist of Port - a - Jons as our construction schedule does not have our water & sewer available until the end of the summer.


* Docks are being constructed this winter, 2008 - 2009. And will be installed this late spring 2009. Anticipated Available for use starting the beginning of June, 2009.

* The Middle Bass Island Yacht Club will be purchasing their own docks as allowed by their lease agreement with the state. They will be constructing them using the same contractor the state is using. These docks will be installed shortly after the state's docks are installed.

* The docks will not have electric or water service available until late in the season, possibly after Labor Day.

* The docks that will be along the West end of the basin will designated mostly for seasonal lottery dockage

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