Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Middle Bass Dock Rates Set

Here is the latest information about the Middle Bass Marina as sent by the State of Ohio. Pictured is the marina entrance and the St. Hazards condos.

Dock Lottery:

There will be a dock lottery for those desiring to have a Seasonal Dock. This up-date is not intended to give every detail regarding the lottery, but an over view. Specific forms, stipulations, rules and instructions will be made available in the near future on the ODNR, Middle Bass Island State Park Web Site as well as by mail or fax. I will provide another update note when these forms are available.
* A Seasonal Dock is defined as a dock that is paid for by a person who wants to have personal use of the dock for his /her boat only, for the entire season.

* The Dock Lottery will be structured to include 2 tiers of applicants. They will be defined as Year Round Island Resident and The General Dock Lottery - all others.

* For the "Year Round Island Resident" Lottery, we will accept lottery applications for this lottery only from those people who can prove they are truly a "Year Round, Island Resident". A "Year Round, Island Resident" is defined as a person who is registered with the county auditor for the Ottawa County 2 ½ Primary Residence Roll-Back Property Tax applied to their residence on Middle Bass Island, or has a notarized statement declaring they are a year round resident, who resides on Middle Bass Island as their principal place of residence year round. This signed and notarized statement must be an "original" and accompany the application when submitted. If the statement is found to be false, the applicant will be subject to prosecution, and forfeiture of any and all docking privileges at Middle Bass Island State Park.

* The General Dock Lottery Applicants will be required to submit an application as well. Any "Year Round Island Resident" is also allowed to submit a "General Dock Lottery" application. If they are drawn in the Year Round Island Resident Lottery, their application in the General Lottery will be null and void.

* Applications will be available at the Ohio State Park Middle Bass Island State Park web site or by mail. Send your request with a return self addressed and postage paid stamped envelope to Lake Erie Island State Park, 4049 E. Moores Dock Road, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452. An Application will be mailed. All applications shall have an original signature of the applicant when submitted.

* Only one application will be accepted per family and household address for the lottery you are eligible for.

Dock Rates:

For the Summer of 2009 the rates will be as follows

* Transient Docks Non - Electric
* Day Dockage $15.00. 10AM - 7PM or any portion thereof.

* Overnight Dockage $1.25/ boat foot, $30.00 minimum whichever is greater.

* Transient Docks With Electric (NOTE - as mentioned earlier electric is not anticipated to be available until the end of 2009 boating season)

* Day Dockage $20.00. 10AM - 7PM or any portion thereof.

* Overnight Dockage. $1.45/ boat foot, $30.00 minimum whichever is greater.

* Seasonal Docks
2009 2010 2011
26' * $780 26' $1040 26' $1300
28' 840 28' 1120 28' 1400
30' * 900 30' 1200 30' 1500
32' 960 32' 1280 32' 1600
34' * 1020 34' 1360 34' 1700
36' 1080 36' 1440 36' 1800
40' 1200 40' 1600 40' 2000
44' 1320 44' 1760 44' 2200
48' 1440 48' 1920 48' 2400
52' 1560 52' 2470 52' 2990

* * Denotes there is only one dock slip with this length.
* The length of the dock cannot be shorter than the overall boat length. This includes the swim platform, bow pulpits, etc.

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